LoLBeans Multiplayer Game Review

LOLBeans is another great game that is inspired in part by Fall Guys. In the beginning of your game, select the name and color of your character. Following that, you’ll wait for the remaining players to join before the game can begin. The objective of this game is to conquer obstacles and get to the end first. Each map there will be a set number of players who will be eliminated until last one is left. So, you’ll be the first and therefore take the victory. Make sure you call your buddies and compete with them.

Each level comes with a variety of obstacles. You must race against time to overcome them.Each round will end the lives of those who don’t cross the finish line in time. This means you have to be quick. You must defend yourself in order to be able to pass the qualifying tests, then be able to pass your final test.
LOLBeans is the site where you can find all the adorable and colorful beans.
The game is designed for various platforms.